Outer Limits D&D 5E campaign

Episode Four

On closer inspection the dead beholder seemed to be the victim of magic. In the hole where it’s central eye used to be were devilish runes carved into the flesh. It was written in Infernal and was a spell of domination. Also, it’s skin was made from thick scales, each one as long as a human torso. Perhaps it could be forged into armour? The smaller eye stalks continue dto twitch and blink, even after being removed from the body.

A narrow tunnel led deeper into the cave. It was very narrow and twisted and turned, forcing the party to crawl on hands and knees at times.

It opened into a small room which widend into a huge wall painted with blue and red angular patterns. They are slowly shifting, the party could hear the clicking of gears and cogs from behind the wall.

A male and female wearing ornate red and black armour stood in the room. They are both very attractive but with a hint of devil-like sinister danger. The cleric and paladin feel a wave of evil from them. They have fawning slaves, filthy emaciated creatures with red eyes and a mouth full of fangs. Several boulder-like creatures are standing near the wall, and they step backwards and are suddenly indistinguishable from any of the other boulders in the room.

The devils speak in Infernal.
“You are not ready to be here, outsiders. Come back later.” One of them gestured and a crude staircase formed against the wall, which led back to the surface.

The party decided not to fight them and left the cave.

They were attacked by a 20’ tall shambling humanoid covered with bulging pustules that randomly exploded some disgusting goop. The halfling was physically deformed by a gaze attack of this giant creature, and also suffered some temporary madness after a pustule exploded onto him. (They later learned that these creatures were once noble giants that Tiamat had cursed.)

Back in Ashfall, the historian Jamas Freeve was trying to get the locals to pronounce an Elvish name. Someone in the party recognised it as Celasaer Galinor, which means “Gentle Morning Flower”.
This was apparently an Elf that used to live in this area. No one can remember seeing “it” for a few years now. They assume “it” used to live in the forest. Jamas is very interested in meeting this Elf.

The blacksmith next door to the inn was abandoned and useless to the party, who had hoped to forge the chainmail and Beholder scales into some armour. They put the word out in town they were looking for a blacksmith. One of the town hunters claimed he heard the sound of hammering coming from Namzeru the half-dragon’s empty tower, and wagons of covered weapons had been leaving the tower at strange hours.

The tower was a ramshackle affair, made of mismatched stone and only having a single iron door which shocked and threw back any creature not of Draconic blood. The cleric used magic to part the stone and taking advantage of Namzeru and his thugs being out of the area, the party broke in and found a drunk and very unusual looking Elf. He was extremely muscular with a shaved head and many tattoos. He is Celasaer Galinor, “Gentle Morning Flower”, one of the last known surviving Elves. He is also a blacksmith, held captive by Namzeru.

Inside was full of blacksmithing equipment, but before they could look around too closely, Namzeru and his half-dragon gang arrived by magical portals. They could pass through stone and attacked the party with strange iron devices that shot balls of lead and caused explosions.

Namzeru escaped the battle, but they captured one live half-dragon.



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