Adrik Ironfist - deceased

Mountain Dwarf, Male, Sorceror (wild mage)


Hermit background, looking after an ancient relic. The relic somehow imbued him with magical power and some knowledge of its use, but it a raw and uncontrolled power, which still grows within him and sometimes bursts out in random ways, perhaps until he can learn to control it better.

Personality – Oblivious to etiquete & social expectations. This was something which has always been with Adrik, but has gotten worse with time. He was originally assigned to guard the relic and live largely in isolation because of his lack of social skill, and his years of isolation have only made him more detached from the concepts of polite interaction with others. He will usually speak his mind without thinking, coming across to be rude, uncaring and gruff, and in some ways he is, but it is more just a case of no clue on how to interact with others.

Ideals – Power (the power from the relic is constantly growing within him, and is driving him to not only harness that power but also to gain more power.

Bonds – “Should my discovery come to light it could bring ruin to the world” – the discovery is the magical energy that has come from the relic into Adrik. This bond is twofold, to a lesser extent he wants the power for himself, and doesn’t want others to know its origin. But greater than that he recognises a darkness in in the magic, a taint, which weaker creatures would be corrupted by, and the instabilty and raw chaos to the magic, which is hard to control and can wreak havoc on those around. It is too risky to let others use.

Flaws – “I have to win all arguments” – closely tied to his personality, Adrik has the flaw of going to whatever lengths neccessary to win an argument should he get involved in one. So while he generally doesn’t get involved in them, since he is fairly clueless with social interaction, and basic things like conversation, when he does take a stand on it, regardless of right and wrong or even making sense, Adrik will win that argument, even if he has to kill someone to do it.

Adrik Ironfist - deceased

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