Outer Limits D&D 5E campaign

Episode Two

The party explored the dungeon beneath the tower.

They discovered a magical pool of water that imbued common weapons and shields with magical power. It also appears the pool is sucking all the water out of the surrounding land.

They fought off and destroyed animated suits of armour and magical flying swords. They discovered a corridor full of bottles of alcohol stacked against the walls. Finally they confronted some fallen angels that were somehow responsible for the fall of the fortress above them. They killed the fallen angels and took their corrupted maces. Keyleth suspects the weapons will slowly lose their corruption once removed from the fallen angels.

There are still some suspicions about the gnome calling himself “The Soothsayer”. While asleep the party tried to move him and it was physically impossible to lift him. And he wants their “useless” treasure, any gold coins or gems he greedily accepts. He also urged them to kill anything they found in the dungeon.



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