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Campaign Introduction

“You have found yourself in the coastal town of Southpoint, a few days travel south of Baldur’s Gate. The town has recently rebuilt their cathedral that burnt down a few years ago, and a grand celebration is planned for the opening, happily coinciding with the Swallowtail festival to celebrate the coming of the spring season. You have been staying at the Clanking Chain Inn, a somewhat dingy establishment on the outskirts of town that is mostly home to wandering folk that don’t quite fit in anywhere else. It was the only place with any rooms still available, and adventurers, mercenaries, half-orcs, tieflings, and all manner of strange folk spend their time here. True to its name, there is a clanking chain strung across the entrance. The food and drink is reasonable, and better priced than most other places. This week’s menu is smoked wild boar, spicy potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Some out-of-work hunters recently took up residence at the inn, and provided several wild boar as part payment for their stay. You were unable to get a private room, and have been sharing a common bunking area with a few other out-of-town folk for the last few days. Hopefully when the festival and celebrations are over you can get some privacy.”

Welcome to Southpoint
Session 1.1

About half of our first session was taken up with creating new characters.

Sojourner (female human fighter) and Svenus (male high elf wizard) where the only two characters to escape the Cult of the Dragon’s cave hideout (from the previous game).
They met up with some of the hunters who had been providing meat for the Cult, and together they traveled west until they reached the town of Southpoint, where they checked into the Clanking Chain Inn, the only place in town that still had room for residents.

Here they had to share a common bunking room with some other out-of-town folk, including:
Nephreus, a male tiefling warlock. Nephreus
Kylen, a male forest gnome rogue (arcane trickster).
Adrik Ironfist, a male dwarf sorcerer (whose powers seemed a little unstable).
Nailo, a male half-elf cleric, serving a strange god named Habbakuk. Nailo
Emig, a male dragonborn paladin, who seems a little too fond of alcohol, and constantly talks of providing his clan with more children.

Late one night, the group was asked by Rowan, a young waitress working at the inn, to go see a strange man who come inside and asked for them specifically, calling them the “strange-looking out-of-town folk”.
He identified himself as a Harper, an organization devoted to fighting evil in the Realm. He said that the Harpers had arrested a tiefling merchant who was coming to Southpoint to buy a dragon egg. He asked the group if they would meet the buyers, purchase the egg (with a bag of fake diamonds), and plant a magical pin on the buyer so that the Harpers could track them.
The group eventually agreed, after the Harper promised them 200gp and a signed letter declaring they had worked to aid the Harpers.

They headed to a deserted barn outside of town to meet the sellers. The tiefling, dragonborn, dwarven sorcerer, and gnome went inside to meet the buys. The half-elf stood guard outside the front door, while the high elf and human fighter walked around to the back of the barn (where they discovered a back door).
There was a minor issue when the female elf selling the egg noticed that Nephreus didn’t look exactly like the tiefling she was supposed to be meeting, his horns looked different to what had been described to her. There was some tension, but the situation was defused and the exchange took place. (During this time, the gnome used the mage hand legerdemain to plant the Harper pin on the elf seller.
The elf and her guards left via a backdoor that had been hidden by bags of old grain. A few seconds later a trap was sprung! Thugs hiding in the loft dropped nets down onto the party.
The half-elf cleric had heard the sounds of people approaching the barn from the forest, he went to open the barn door to warn the others. Upon seeing the nets and the thugs in the loft, he cast “gust of wind”, causing strong winds to blow up all the debris and sawdust and old grain in the barn, as well blow the thugs off their feet. One of the thugs fell down into the barn and was attacked by the others, killed with a rapier thrust by the gnome.
Rather than face whoever was approaching the barn from the forest, the group decided to flee the barn, setting it on fire with a spell as they left.
Taking the egg back to the Harper, he immediately deduced it was a fake, but paid the party anyway. He warned them about increased dragon activity, as well as looting and raiding, taking part in the area.

Welcome to Southpoint, part 2
Session 1.2

They party returned late after their encounter in the barn, and slept in a little the next morning. While eating breakfast, there came a shrieking and wailing sound from outside. Malcer, the red-haired barman, dropped a load of plates he was carrying in fright, quickly cursing and swearing to cover up his embarrassment.
Rowan (again!) ran inside and asked the group to come outside and help.

Outside was a mother and child, who had apparently narrowly escaped from a local peat farm after goblins had attacked and carried off the rest of the family, and all the farm workers. No one else was around to help, the rest of the town were uptown setting things up for the festival.

So the party accompanied the woman back to her farm, and then tracked the goblins through the swampy land. They were accosted by a group of bullwugs (small humanoids with frog heads) who declared they ruled this “glorious kingdom” and demanded a tribute. Svenus, the high elf wizard, lost patience and cast “flaming sphere” on them. The bullwugs attacked, also calling in aid from a swamp troll that appeared to be willing to fight for these creatures. Most of the bullwugs were slain, the troll was badly injured by magical fire attacks, and the battle was over when Nailo (the half-elf cleric) cast a spell commanding the troll to flee.

They found the entrance to the goblin’s lair without difficulty. It seems a powerful human wizard is paying the goblins to loot this underground lair, which used to be home to a dragon. The party went inside, and used the “fog” spell to cover them while they dashed past a goblin ambush. Unfortunately they triggered a tripwire, setting off alarms and a trap that dumped dozens of rocks onto them. Searching the room revealed nothing but filthy goblin junk, and a curtain made of dog-skins.
Nephreus, the tiefling warlock, cut down this curtain, and himself and the high elf wizard were promptly attacked by vicious worgs; wolf-like creatures that goblins use as mounts.
The wizard was badly mauled and on the verge of dying, but the party managed to defeat the creatures with the help of a “grease” spell cast by the gnome.
In the next room was a dangerous-looking bugbear and more goblins. They had the prisoners from the farm at knife-point and stood there in dead silence. A badly beaten human was still locked in one of the cages, clearly not a prisoner from the farm.
The tiefling managed to intimidate the goblins into releasing the farm workers, but they refused to surrender the other prisoner.
Instead of a fight, the group decided to leave the cave before the other goblin raiding parties returned, but resolved to come back to this cave and rescue the last prisoner.

End of session 1.

Welcome to Southpoint, part 3
Here be goblins!

Swallowtail festival:

Finally the day of the opening of the new temple had come, in conjunction with the start of the Spring season.
The parties desire to return to the cave and rescue the human prisoner they had left in the hands of the goblins and their bugbear leader was delayed because of minor problems in the town of Southpoint. Rains flooded the streets, the gates were closed after a robbery, Nailo the half-elf cleric and Emig the dragonborn paladin were asked to attend some ceremonies at the temple, and they knew needed a well-rested team at full strength to venture back into the goblin lair, especially if more goblins had returned.
During a bar brawl (partially instigated by the dragonborn’s excessive drinking and the dwarven sorcerer Adrik Ironfist’s incessant arguing about anything and everything) several patrons broke some furniture and gave poor Rowan a bloody nose. Henk Halfblood (literally) threw half his guests out into the street, and suddenly some of the upstairs rooms became available. Some chose to take these new rooms, others stayed in the cheaper bunk room.

On the day of the festival Henk Halfblood told the party this was their chance to impress the townsfolk and try make some new friends. Townsfolk still looked at them with a little suspicion, they weren’t used to such strange characters walking their streets. He told them they needed to leave their weapons and armour in the inn, as fighting was prohibited in the streets during the celebrations.
Kylen, the gnome arcane trickster, decided to take a dagger with him, hiding it under his clothes.

At the festival they spent most of the day taking part in the various games around town. At an archery contest, Sojourner the human competed against the gnome, and she emerged victorious. They crowd convinced the elf to take a shot, and caused much laughter at his terrible shots.

They took part in betting on lizard races, where the gnome won with his ability to speak to small animals, understanding the creature was hungry. It was later found out that a small betting syndicate had overfed some of the lizards, making them sluggish and slow.

The fun and games were interrupted by a bunch of goblins attacking the town. Groups of them had snuck into the town during the celebrations and suddenly launched an attack. With most of the party having no weapons or armour, they were forced to improvise to repel the goblin invasion, weapons included table legs for clubs, and in the case of the dragonborn, an entire table!
They also saved the life of a noble, who promised them a reward later on, and seemed to take a particular shine to the only female member of the party, the human fighter Sojourner.

They were offered a free week at the Rusty Dragon Inn, run by an ex-adventurer and exotic outlander named Ameiko Kajitsu, the same inn the noble is staying at.

While they were making plans to return to the goblin cave, still trying to solve the mystery of the human prisoner they left behind, a wandering Elf scout returned to Southpoint. Her name is Shalelu Andosana, and she patrols the lands around the town, mostly keeping an eye on the local goblin tribes. She had traveled a little further than usual, investigating some kobold activity in the area, kobolds and bandits had joined forces with a strange dragon cult and were raiding and looting towns and farms.

She also reported some disturbing local news. It seems the goblin tribes were being united by a mysterious power, sending them out on raids. She reported a small peat farm had been burned to the ground, and all the people living and working there had been killed. She tracked the goblins who did this to an abandoned watchtower, but they were too powerful for her to tangle with on her own, and were led by a brute of a bugbear.

The party were enraged by the bugbear’s actions, and immediately set off on a mission of vengeance! They tracked the goblins and bugbear down, and in a desperate battle on the ruined roof of the watchtower, they managed to slay all of them.

A quick summary of the few sessions...
  • An investigation of the towns graveyard revealed the body of the previous priest had been removed. The attack on the town was a diversion while this happened.
  • A shopkeeper’s daughter is attracted to the half-elf Nailo, she first lured him into the basement of her father’s shop by saying there was a “rat problem”. Nailo has managed to resist her charms this far.
  • An incident in the Rusty Dragon Inn showed that relations between the ex-adventurer innkeep Ameiko, and her noble father Lonjiku are severely strained.
  • Sheriff Hemlock went to Beregost and petitioned for extra soldiers after the goblin attacks. He left the party to look after Southpoint while he was away.
  • Ameiko disappeared, and a note found in her room led the party to the Glassworks, a large factory on the edge of town. The note was from Tsuto, her half-elf half-brother, and suggested their father was somehow involved in the goblin attack.
  • Inside the Glassworks they found and killed several goblins. They also found Lonjiku’s dead body covered in glass. It appears the goblins had tortured him and the glass workers by covering them in hot glass.
  • Tsuto and two gargoyles appeared and attacked the party. Once defeated, his journal revealed he was in love with Nualia. Nualia was the adopted daughter of the old priest who apparently died in the fire with him. Now it seems she wants to rid herself of her celestial “taint” and has some kind of hidden lair beneath the glassworks.
  • Before the party was able to investigate further, the sheriff returned to town with an urgent message for them from a Harper agent.
  • They were tasked with joined a large trade caravan making its way northwards up the coast toward Baldur’s Gate. While travelling with the caravan they were to uncover which wagons were being used by the Cult of the Dragon to transport stolen loot.
  • At this point the party split up. The tiefling, dragonborn, and half-elf were joined by a new party member, a halfling ranger. The gnome and the dwarf didn’t join the caravan, but instead took a boat.
  • There were several adventures while travelling with the wagons. One of them involved meeting an ancient elf prince who is cursed to remain in the form of a golden stag. This elf now travels with elven merchants on the caravan.
  • They have reached the river Chionthar where the wagons cross, and this is where the Harper agent is supposed to meet them to learn which wagons belong to the cult.
The Swamp & Castle Naerytar

What happened since the last update…

The caravan crossing the river was attacked by a Dragon. The Dragon seemed to be causing chaos rather than actually trying to destroy the caravan. During the chaos, the wagons of the cultists made their escape from the rest of the caravan, heading into the Fields of the Dead.

The caravan was basically ruined, and most of the merchants decided to rather take their goods into the nearby city of Baldur’s Gate, instead of carrying on further north toward Waterdeep.

The Harper agent who was supposed to meet never showed up, and the party decided to pursue the cultists in the Fields of the Dead. They followed the trail all the way across the Fields of the Dead and into a dark, dank swamp. In the swamp they found a small camp and some canoes, and met a renegade lizardfolk named Snapjaw. He guided them across the swamp lake and took them straight to Castle Naerytar.

The castle was inhabited by the Cult of the Dragon, specifically the Black Dragon company. They had subjugated Snapjaw’s lizardfolk tribe, and allied with the swamp’s bullywugs.

The party snuck in, disguised as cultists, had investigated the castle. They discovered a female half-black dragon named Rezmir was the leader of the Cult. She had two companions, an elf named Dralmorrer Borngray who was Wearer of Purple (very high-ranking cultists) but also a member of Eldreth Valuuthra, which is a group of elf supremacists dedicated to removing humanity from Faerun.
The leader of the bullywugs was a shaman named Pharblex Spattergoo, who was ultimately killed in the lizardfolk rebellion.
There was also a Red Wizard named Azbara Jos, who was killed by the party in the rebellion.

They were tasked with cleaning out rooms, had to partake in a ritual of Tiamat, and eventually led a rebellion of the lizardfolk against the bullywugs. They found out where the treasure was going, found the word that activated a magical portal, discovered some dragon eggs hidden in a secret room, found evidence of a female dragonborn named Sora Kimbatuul, got sprayed with acid, and eventually escaped the castle using the portal…

… where they arrived at a peaceful, serene Hunting Lodge in the middle of a forest on chilly mountains. By now they have an idea of what the Cult of the Dragon is planning. They are amassing a massive treasure to try and summon Tiamat out of the Nine Hells and into the mortal realm. The Cult of the Dragon and the Red Wizards of Thay have made an alliance.

They were greeted by a sadistic, demon-worshipping four-armed troll. He escorted them to the lodge, and then disappeared back to his lair around the back of the lodge. They explored the lodge, had a bath, ate some real food, drunk beer and wine, and also discovered some prisoners in the basement, one of the prisoners was a cleric and a member of the Order of the Gauntlet, a group of paladins and clerics who fanatically fight evil.
They learnt the leader of the lodge was a female half-elf named Talis, and this lodge was used by the White Dragon wing of the Cult. Talis had just lost a promotion to a dwarf named Varram, he now has the white dragon mask, whatever that is.
Speaking to some servants in the house they learnt that the cult recently murdered the noble who used to own this lodge and took it over.
They also met Zasheida Jassan, a member of the Zhentarim, the Black Network. She says the Zhentarim will not work with the Cult of the Dragon, and will possibly even publicly stand against them.
Also working undercover in the lodge was a Harper agent, the very same one who gave them the dragon egg mission way back in Southpoint. He was disguised as a carpenter but had dropped a hammer into his mouth by accident. He had tracked the Zhentarim agent here and asked the party to recover her journal that he had thrown into the well.
The gnome rogue dived into the well and recovered the journal, which confirmed the Zhentarim didn’t want to work with the Cult of the Dragon.
During his dive the troll had come out to investigate. The halfling ranger sent his badger out as a distraction, unfortunately the troll caught the badger and tore it apart. The party attacked and nearly defeated the troll, but it escaped before they could slay it. Gargoyles and a Helmed Horror were approaching to also attack the party, but Talis the White appeared and asked to parley with the party. She offered them a deal where they would leave the lodge unharmed, free most of the prisoners, and in return the party would travel to the nearby village of Parnast, find a flying castle and stop Rezmir delivering the treasure.

The party agreed and got out of there.

(Think that covers everything!)

A very quick summary.

The party got aboard a flying castle belong to some giants. They ended up fighting and killing a vampire and Rezmir the half-black dragon, taking the Black Dragon Mask from her. They also fought Rath Modar, a red wizard, but he managed to escape. Finally they spoke with the giants and killed a white dragon, Glazhael the Cloudchaser.

The giants dropped the party and all the stolen treasure into a courtyard in the city of Waterdeep.

The party meet the council who governed Waterdeep.

Their first mission was to travel to the Frozen North and rescue a member of the Arcane Brotherhood, a female tiefling sorcerer. They rescued her and killed another white dragon, Arauthator “Old White Death”.

Then they followed the trail of Varram the White, a dwarf member of the cult who was rumoured to have the White Dragon Mask. They tracked him to the Serpent Hills and into an ancient tomb, which was being used by Yuan-Ti to conduct divination rituals. They learnt Varram had lost the White Dragon Mask, but was no safely in the hands of the cult. They attempted to kill Varram, but he was carried away by cultists before they could get to him.

Then they used a portal to travel to a forest where a renegade elven prince named Neronvain was wreaking havoc with a green dragon, Chuth. They killed the dragon and the elven prince, who was wearing the Green Dragon Mask. It took some time, but eventually they managed to get the mask off.

After some other adventures, they learnt the cult was based in the Well of Dragons and are currently making their way in that direction.

Into Hell...

The party assaulted the Temple of Tiamat. Despite their best attempts they were unable to stop the ritual, and Tiamat began emerging through the portal.

Her power was unstoppable, and the party faced utter destruction. In desperation, and not willing to die in a pointless fight, they decided to jump through the portal into hell.

So now Tiamat is in the mortal realm, and the party are somewhere in the Nine Hells…

Episode One

Keyleth (female half-elf cleric), Lynx (female high elf druid), Walter (male lightfoot halfling ranger), Ruk Bearclaw (male half-orc barbarian/monk) and Emig (male dragonborn paladin) woke up on a large pile of ash.

They were dressed in ragged clothing and torn ceremonial robes of some sort. All their weapons and armour and magical equipment was gone. They were also wearing bloody bandages and each of them had numerous scars that hadn’t been there before. It also seemed their hair was longer and the dragonborn’s scales had darkened. (Indicating some time had passed….)

There was no sign of Nephreus (tiefling warlock) or Kylen (forest gnome arcane trickster), but there were two sets of footprints leading away from the ash pile….

The sky above them was filled with dark black storm clouds and something hidden above them was burning, filling the air with a fine rain of ash.

Digging around the large ash pile revealed a few simple weapons and a shield with a crude image of Sune painted on it.

Soon they heard the sound of approaching farmers. They spotted some strange wolf-like creatures circling around the farmers. The party rushed down to defend the farmers and their cattle, and found they were battling wolves with 8 legs and 8 eyes! Despite the disturbing feeling these creatures created, they managed to keep focused and quickly killed all the creatures.

Talking with the farmers they learnt that the pile of ash was called “corpse hill” and was apparently a large pile of bones, possibly of a company of elves from “the war”. The farmers also thought they were mad for being on top of corpse hill. They also discovered this area was called “the Ashlands” and nearby was a village called “Ashfall”.

They also learnt their gold and gems were now worthless, this was a barter society.

There is a large stone road the farmers call “the road” and is made from some kind of stone that softly vibrates, keeping any ash from settling on it.

The dragonborn was treated with great respect by the locals, bowing to him and calling “my lord” and one of the “guardians”. The Halfling, on the other hand, was treated like a slave.

Also somewhat disturbing is the way people greet each other with “Hail Tiamat”, and use colourful language like “Sune’s buttocks” and “Habbakuk’s balls”.

Ashfall is a small town with a few hundred people living in stone buildings. There is an inn called “The Old Wizard” and is run by a stern young human woman called Mera, with 2 half-orc twin brothers (Faress & Helmet) as security.

At the inn, Emig the dragonborn was treated like royalty and Walter the Halfling was bossed around like a slave. Some locals had recently made a trade and got some new instruments, which none of them could play. Walter showed the “band” a few simple chords and is trying to teach them.

When everyone had gone home Mera asked them to get out of town for a few days. The reeve Namzeru (a black half-dragon) and his gang of dragonborn “guardians” (aka thugs) would be making a trip through town to do inspections and collect tribute, if the characters were in town there would be trouble as they stood out and attracted unwanted attention.

In the centre of town is a well and a shrine to Tiamat. Villagers have to cut their hands on the sharp rock each day to pay blood tribute to Tiamat.

Mera asked the party to travel a day out of town and investigate a farm that had gone silent. On the hike there they discovered a note that read “It is not a farm. Make sure there are no witnesses.”

When they reached the “farm” they discovered it was actually the ruins of some fortress, rubble strewn all over the area and only one watchtower left standing. Outside the tower they fought and killed some strange reptilian humanoids with swords instead of arms who appeared to have attacked the tower but had been fought off.

Inside the tower they discovered six dead humans, and locked in a cage on the top floor was a curious old Halfling dressed in animal furs decorated with bones, teeth and claws. He introduces himself as Rinas Tonell, but is known as “The Soothsayer”. He claims there is a secret underground part of the tower where a great secret is hidden.

Keyleth the cleric gets a strange feeling in the tower, for a second it felt like there was a black shadow and spreading dark wings behind her.


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