Outer Limits D&D 5E campaign

Welcome to Southpoint, part 2
Session 1.2

They party returned late after their encounter in the barn, and slept in a little the next morning. While eating breakfast, there came a shrieking and wailing sound from outside. Malcer, the red-haired barman, dropped a load of plates he was carrying in fright, quickly cursing and swearing to cover up his embarrassment.
Rowan (again!) ran inside and asked the group to come outside and help.

Outside was a mother and child, who had apparently narrowly escaped from a local peat farm after goblins had attacked and carried off the rest of the family, and all the farm workers. No one else was around to help, the rest of the town were uptown setting things up for the festival.

So the party accompanied the woman back to her farm, and then tracked the goblins through the swampy land. They were accosted by a group of bullwugs (small humanoids with frog heads) who declared they ruled this “glorious kingdom” and demanded a tribute. Svenus, the high elf wizard, lost patience and cast “flaming sphere” on them. The bullwugs attacked, also calling in aid from a swamp troll that appeared to be willing to fight for these creatures. Most of the bullwugs were slain, the troll was badly injured by magical fire attacks, and the battle was over when Nailo (the half-elf cleric) cast a spell commanding the troll to flee.

They found the entrance to the goblin’s lair without difficulty. It seems a powerful human wizard is paying the goblins to loot this underground lair, which used to be home to a dragon. The party went inside, and used the “fog” spell to cover them while they dashed past a goblin ambush. Unfortunately they triggered a tripwire, setting off alarms and a trap that dumped dozens of rocks onto them. Searching the room revealed nothing but filthy goblin junk, and a curtain made of dog-skins.
Nephreus, the tiefling warlock, cut down this curtain, and himself and the high elf wizard were promptly attacked by vicious worgs; wolf-like creatures that goblins use as mounts.
The wizard was badly mauled and on the verge of dying, but the party managed to defeat the creatures with the help of a “grease” spell cast by the gnome.
In the next room was a dangerous-looking bugbear and more goblins. They had the prisoners from the farm at knife-point and stood there in dead silence. A badly beaten human was still locked in one of the cages, clearly not a prisoner from the farm.
The tiefling managed to intimidate the goblins into releasing the farm workers, but they refused to surrender the other prisoner.
Instead of a fight, the group decided to leave the cave before the other goblin raiding parties returned, but resolved to come back to this cave and rescue the last prisoner.

End of session 1.

Welcome to Southpoint
Session 1.1

About half of our first session was taken up with creating new characters.

Sojourner (female human fighter) and Svenus (male high elf wizard) where the only two characters to escape the Cult of the Dragon’s cave hideout (from the previous game).
They met up with some of the hunters who had been providing meat for the Cult, and together they traveled west until they reached the town of Southpoint, where they checked into the Clanking Chain Inn, the only place in town that still had room for residents.

Here they had to share a common bunking room with some other out-of-town folk, including:
Nephreus, a male tiefling warlock. Nephreus
Kylen, a male forest gnome rogue (arcane trickster).
Adrik Ironfist, a male dwarf sorcerer (whose powers seemed a little unstable).
Nailo, a male half-elf cleric, serving a strange god named Habbakuk. Nailo
Emig, a male dragonborn paladin, who seems a little too fond of alcohol, and constantly talks of providing his clan with more children.

Late one night, the group was asked by Rowan, a young waitress working at the inn, to go see a strange man who come inside and asked for them specifically, calling them the “strange-looking out-of-town folk”.
He identified himself as a Harper, an organization devoted to fighting evil in the Realm. He said that the Harpers had arrested a tiefling merchant who was coming to Southpoint to buy a dragon egg. He asked the group if they would meet the buyers, purchase the egg (with a bag of fake diamonds), and plant a magical pin on the buyer so that the Harpers could track them.
The group eventually agreed, after the Harper promised them 200gp and a signed letter declaring they had worked to aid the Harpers.

They headed to a deserted barn outside of town to meet the sellers. The tiefling, dragonborn, dwarven sorcerer, and gnome went inside to meet the buys. The half-elf stood guard outside the front door, while the high elf and human fighter walked around to the back of the barn (where they discovered a back door).
There was a minor issue when the female elf selling the egg noticed that Nephreus didn’t look exactly like the tiefling she was supposed to be meeting, his horns looked different to what had been described to her. There was some tension, but the situation was defused and the exchange took place. (During this time, the gnome used the mage hand legerdemain to plant the Harper pin on the elf seller.
The elf and her guards left via a backdoor that had been hidden by bags of old grain. A few seconds later a trap was sprung! Thugs hiding in the loft dropped nets down onto the party.
The half-elf cleric had heard the sounds of people approaching the barn from the forest, he went to open the barn door to warn the others. Upon seeing the nets and the thugs in the loft, he cast “gust of wind”, causing strong winds to blow up all the debris and sawdust and old grain in the barn, as well blow the thugs off their feet. One of the thugs fell down into the barn and was attacked by the others, killed with a rapier thrust by the gnome.
Rather than face whoever was approaching the barn from the forest, the group decided to flee the barn, setting it on fire with a spell as they left.
Taking the egg back to the Harper, he immediately deduced it was a fake, but paid the party anyway. He warned them about increased dragon activity, as well as looting and raiding, taking part in the area.

Campaign Introduction

“You have found yourself in the coastal town of Southpoint, a few days travel south of Baldur’s Gate. The town has recently rebuilt their cathedral that burnt down a few years ago, and a grand celebration is planned for the opening, happily coinciding with the Swallowtail festival to celebrate the coming of the spring season. You have been staying at the Clanking Chain Inn, a somewhat dingy establishment on the outskirts of town that is mostly home to wandering folk that don’t quite fit in anywhere else. It was the only place with any rooms still available, and adventurers, mercenaries, half-orcs, tieflings, and all manner of strange folk spend their time here. True to its name, there is a clanking chain strung across the entrance. The food and drink is reasonable, and better priced than most other places. This week’s menu is smoked wild boar, spicy potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Some out-of-work hunters recently took up residence at the inn, and provided several wild boar as part payment for their stay. You were unable to get a private room, and have been sharing a common bunking area with a few other out-of-town folk for the last few days. Hopefully when the festival and celebrations are over you can get some privacy.”

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