Outer Limits D&D 5E campaign

Welcome to Southpoint, part 3

Here be goblins!

Swallowtail festival:

Finally the day of the opening of the new temple had come, in conjunction with the start of the Spring season.
The parties desire to return to the cave and rescue the human prisoner they had left in the hands of the goblins and their bugbear leader was delayed because of minor problems in the town of Southpoint. Rains flooded the streets, the gates were closed after a robbery, Nailo the half-elf cleric and Emig the dragonborn paladin were asked to attend some ceremonies at the temple, and they knew needed a well-rested team at full strength to venture back into the goblin lair, especially if more goblins had returned.
During a bar brawl (partially instigated by the dragonborn’s excessive drinking and the dwarven sorcerer Adrik Ironfist’s incessant arguing about anything and everything) several patrons broke some furniture and gave poor Rowan a bloody nose. Henk Halfblood (literally) threw half his guests out into the street, and suddenly some of the upstairs rooms became available. Some chose to take these new rooms, others stayed in the cheaper bunk room.

On the day of the festival Henk Halfblood told the party this was their chance to impress the townsfolk and try make some new friends. Townsfolk still looked at them with a little suspicion, they weren’t used to such strange characters walking their streets. He told them they needed to leave their weapons and armour in the inn, as fighting was prohibited in the streets during the celebrations.
Kylen, the gnome arcane trickster, decided to take a dagger with him, hiding it under his clothes.

At the festival they spent most of the day taking part in the various games around town. At an archery contest, Sojourner the human competed against the gnome, and she emerged victorious. They crowd convinced the elf to take a shot, and caused much laughter at his terrible shots.

They took part in betting on lizard races, where the gnome won with his ability to speak to small animals, understanding the creature was hungry. It was later found out that a small betting syndicate had overfed some of the lizards, making them sluggish and slow.

The fun and games were interrupted by a bunch of goblins attacking the town. Groups of them had snuck into the town during the celebrations and suddenly launched an attack. With most of the party having no weapons or armour, they were forced to improvise to repel the goblin invasion, weapons included table legs for clubs, and in the case of the dragonborn, an entire table!
They also saved the life of a noble, who promised them a reward later on, and seemed to take a particular shine to the only female member of the party, the human fighter Sojourner.

They were offered a free week at the Rusty Dragon Inn, run by an ex-adventurer and exotic outlander named Ameiko Kajitsu, the same inn the noble is staying at.

While they were making plans to return to the goblin cave, still trying to solve the mystery of the human prisoner they left behind, a wandering Elf scout returned to Southpoint. Her name is Shalelu Andosana, and she patrols the lands around the town, mostly keeping an eye on the local goblin tribes. She had traveled a little further than usual, investigating some kobold activity in the area, kobolds and bandits had joined forces with a strange dragon cult and were raiding and looting towns and farms.

She also reported some disturbing local news. It seems the goblin tribes were being united by a mysterious power, sending them out on raids. She reported a small peat farm had been burned to the ground, and all the people living and working there had been killed. She tracked the goblins who did this to an abandoned watchtower, but they were too powerful for her to tangle with on her own, and were led by a brute of a bugbear.

The party were enraged by the bugbear’s actions, and immediately set off on a mission of vengeance! They tracked the goblins and bugbear down, and in a desperate battle on the ruined roof of the watchtower, they managed to slay all of them.



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