Outer Limits D&D 5E campaign

A very quick summary.

The party got aboard a flying castle belong to some giants. They ended up fighting and killing a vampire and Rezmir the half-black dragon, taking the Black Dragon Mask from her. They also fought Rath Modar, a red wizard, but he managed to escape. Finally they spoke with the giants and killed a white dragon, Glazhael the Cloudchaser.

The giants dropped the party and all the stolen treasure into a courtyard in the city of Waterdeep.

The party meet the council who governed Waterdeep.

Their first mission was to travel to the Frozen North and rescue a member of the Arcane Brotherhood, a female tiefling sorcerer. They rescued her and killed another white dragon, Arauthator “Old White Death”.

Then they followed the trail of Varram the White, a dwarf member of the cult who was rumoured to have the White Dragon Mask. They tracked him to the Serpent Hills and into an ancient tomb, which was being used by Yuan-Ti to conduct divination rituals. They learnt Varram had lost the White Dragon Mask, but was no safely in the hands of the cult. They attempted to kill Varram, but he was carried away by cultists before they could get to him.

Then they used a portal to travel to a forest where a renegade elven prince named Neronvain was wreaking havoc with a green dragon, Chuth. They killed the dragon and the elven prince, who was wearing the Green Dragon Mask. It took some time, but eventually they managed to get the mask off.

After some other adventures, they learnt the cult was based in the Well of Dragons and are currently making their way in that direction.



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