Outer Limits D&D 5E campaign

A quick summary of the few sessions...

  • An investigation of the towns graveyard revealed the body of the previous priest had been removed. The attack on the town was a diversion while this happened.
  • A shopkeeper’s daughter is attracted to the half-elf Nailo, she first lured him into the basement of her father’s shop by saying there was a “rat problem”. Nailo has managed to resist her charms this far.
  • An incident in the Rusty Dragon Inn showed that relations between the ex-adventurer innkeep Ameiko, and her noble father Lonjiku are severely strained.
  • Sheriff Hemlock went to Beregost and petitioned for extra soldiers after the goblin attacks. He left the party to look after Southpoint while he was away.
  • Ameiko disappeared, and a note found in her room led the party to the Glassworks, a large factory on the edge of town. The note was from Tsuto, her half-elf half-brother, and suggested their father was somehow involved in the goblin attack.
  • Inside the Glassworks they found and killed several goblins. They also found Lonjiku’s dead body covered in glass. It appears the goblins had tortured him and the glass workers by covering them in hot glass.
  • Tsuto and two gargoyles appeared and attacked the party. Once defeated, his journal revealed he was in love with Nualia. Nualia was the adopted daughter of the old priest who apparently died in the fire with him. Now it seems she wants to rid herself of her celestial “taint” and has some kind of hidden lair beneath the glassworks.
  • Before the party was able to investigate further, the sheriff returned to town with an urgent message for them from a Harper agent.
  • They were tasked with joined a large trade caravan making its way northwards up the coast toward Baldur’s Gate. While travelling with the caravan they were to uncover which wagons were being used by the Cult of the Dragon to transport stolen loot.
  • At this point the party split up. The tiefling, dragonborn, and half-elf were joined by a new party member, a halfling ranger. The gnome and the dwarf didn’t join the caravan, but instead took a boat.
  • There were several adventures while travelling with the wagons. One of them involved meeting an ancient elf prince who is cursed to remain in the form of a golden stag. This elf now travels with elven merchants on the caravan.
  • They have reached the river Chionthar where the wagons cross, and this is where the Harper agent is supposed to meet them to learn which wagons belong to the cult.



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